Wargaming Store TacomaA wargamer treasures nothing more than playing great board games with fellow enthusiasts and friends. The great community that surrounds wargaming is definitely a way to connect people with common interests and potentially build long-lasting groups. You can play any type of war game, whether its WW2, civil war, epic medieval clashes, space battles, fantasy settings, and more.

A number of series and titles exist, some of them a household name even in non-wargaming circles. These include Warhammer 40k, X-Wing, and Warmachine games. There are also space games based on the Star Trek and Star Wars settings.

If you are in the Tacoma, WA area and looking for some great wargaming stores to fill your needs, we have some worth checking out. These are the Game Matrix and Games Workshop.

Another store you can try is not in Tacoma, but online. Noble Knight Games provides many options for those interested in historical and epic fantasy themed battles. They even offer sales and discounts on exclusive terrain and miniatures.

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