Game Empire Pasadena

1795 E Colorado Blvd,

Pasadena, CA

Many wargame shops come and go, but Game Empire Pasadena has always been consistent when it comes to delivering wargaming enthusiasts the goods. This place has stood the test of time for so long because they simply are truly dedicated to their hobby. This is their passion and it shows through the hard work they invested into creating this place.

Game Empire Pasadena offers a great place for some tabletop gaming, including Warhammer 40K, Magic, Dystopian Wars, Pokemon, and more. Even if you are coming in just to browse, it will be hard to leave the store without picking something up. They run many events as well such as trading card game tournaments or wargaming sessions.

The staff earn points for their knowledge and helpfulness. This a great place with one of the largest selection of games to be found. Especially come on game days and nights, the appreciate will thrill most enthusiasts.

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