Wargaming Store HoustonIf you are new to wargaming, then you have just joined a great community. As you know, wargaming occupies a great deal of time, but is well worth the joy you experience when playing with friends and fellow enthusiasts. From Warhammer 40k to history-themed games, there is a game out there for every audience and type of gamer.

Houston is the second major city of Texas next to Dallas. Many people pass through Houston on their way to Quakecon, one of the most popular events for arena game battlers. The city also has quite a few noteworthy wargaming stores as well.

The following is a list of stops you should mark on your wargaming map:

  • Asgard Games
  • Nan’s Games & Comics Too
  • Games Workshop

You don’t have to pull out of your driveway to find a great gaming store. Online wargame shopping works as well. If you are looking for options, start off with www.thewargamingcompany.com they have a nice collection of figures and terrain at competitive prices.

Some of their exclusive products are listed below:

British Foot Guards with Command

Austrian German Grenadiers

Culvert Bridge

French Elites Defending in Greatcoat