Treefort Games

720 Glynn St N D2,

Fayetteville, GA 30214

Wargaming in Fayetteville died when this shop closed down. June 2016 marked its last month of operation. While in its heyday, the shop played to hundreds of local wargamers enrolled in tournaments such as WH40K and X-wing. The store provided plenty of space for gamers to play and organize small sessions. It was only open at certain times due to their schedule of having professional tournaments, where often, prizes included boosters and games.  Overall, sad to see this one go.

Some of the many games guests have brought include:

          Arkham Horror

          A Touch of Evil


          Zombie Dice

          Sid Meier’s Civilization

          Castle Ravenloft

          Forbidden Isle

Today, many active board gamers play their trade in several adjacent communities.


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