The Rusty Scabbard
820 Lane Allen Rd
Lexington, KY 40504

The capital of Dungeons & Dragons games as well as other RPGs in the Lexington area. The Rusty Scabbard is the place for many of the area’s wargame nerds to get game expansions, books, dice, miniatures, and other accessories. In addition to D&D, the store comes packed with accessories and merchandise for other series. If you come here as a D&D fan, expect to come away with a handful of merchandise. The inventory they have is extensive and definitely caters to the wargame crowd.

The stores unique collection of action figures, models, and pewter figures have also made a fan of visitors. The store layout can use some better lighting, which will help display the figures and miniatures better. Overall, this is the best wargaming experience you are going to get in Lexington.