Wargame Store BrooklynAs a wargamer, there is nothing better than being part of a great community of board game and miniature enthusiasts. The wonder about wargaming is that the games themselves bring you friends together and you can come up with the rules, themes, and conditions.

There are many wargaming series and titles, including the popular Warhammer 40k, X-Wing, and Warmachine series. There are also great themed games based on Star Wars, Lord of Rings, and Warcraft.

Brooklyn is home to a beautiful bridge, and theres also some quality gaming stores to check out as well.  Including the Brooklyn Strategist and Brooklyn Game Lab. The Compleat Strategist is also another one to check out.

www.wargamingcompany.com also provides an online option for those too far away from those stores. They have great items on sale as well as a collection of historical-themed figures and terrain.

Some of their exclusive products are listed below:

British Foot Guards with Command

Austrian German Grenadiers

Culvert Bridge

French Elites Defending in Greatcoat