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With our busy life routines, we rarely find time to work on our passions or interests. If it happens to you too, it is a good time to give importance to your desire to spend more time doing what you love doing. And if your hobby attracts you to spend time on wargaming or miniature painting, it is definitely the great choice to engage yourself with fandoms, games and the universes of your favorite game series.

Whether you are just entering into the world of miniature painting or are making efforts to grow your skills consistently in this field; to improve your results, it is important to paint regularly and consistently. However, if you need some expert tips to improve your skills, below are key strategies to optimize your skills in your hobby.

Organize Your Supplies

The biggest challenge to move on with your hobby is the complicated setup. Most people are not able to dedicate a specific space for their painting needs, and these poor organization skills do not allow them to work on a masterpiece. Sit down with your paint kit and organize the whole setup at a fixed location. Once your painting area is well-managed, you can pick your brush anytime to begin the project. Manage proper lighting at your painting area and keep your tools organized in spacious containers and drawers to have easy access.

Optimize Your Time

To build a habit you need some consistency, and to do this, you need to manage your time. Even if you cannot spend time for painting every day, organize your calendar to shape up your painting schedule. Spending long days or several hours of the night on painting might be a hectic job; rather prefer to give 15 minutes in routine, and you can make your schedules more enjoyable. You can also work in a group by motivating some interested peers to work with you. This can be a good opportunity to share in your experience with other beginners.

Undercoating is a painting technique that is particularly helpful for saving time while delivering a high-quality finish to your work. It allows you to coat multiple miniatures in one session. The video below from Warhammer TV shows how one can accomplish this process:

Organize Your Expectations

When you are working on miniatures painting projects, it is important to expect continuous improvement in your skills. In order to stay motivated, you need to sharpen your abilities day by day with consistency and goal-oriented work. Take time to try new techniques, different approaches and variety of projects. Don’t worry even if your experiments fail; you will definitely learn something new from every effort. Moreover, never ever compare your work with others rather make efforts to improve your own skills to make your self better than what you were in previous days.

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