tabletop gaming santa clarita valleyAnyone looking for another activity that is different from movies, video games, smartphone apps, and streaming networks, it may be time to pick up tabletop gaming. For those in the Santa Clarita Valley, they are seeing another option pop in the form of tabletop gaming.

Influenced by the popularity of Netflix shows such as “Stranger Things”, the tabletop gaming medium has seen a boost in popularity. Tabletop gaming refers to board games played on flat surfaces such as tables. This realm has seen the emergence of many popular franchises in wargaming, including “Magic: The Gathering”, and “Dungeons & Dragons”. Santa Clarity Valley has become an emerging hotspot for tabletop gaming venues.

Local Tabletop Gaming Tournaments

Brave New World comics owner Andy Liegl provides a testament to this local trend and he details it via his approach to create more family appeal to the tabletop gaming experience. His tabletop gaming store has hosted specific events such as “HeroClix” and the “Pokemon” battle tournaments on weekends. The two events are also flanked by traditional stalwarts such as “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Star Wars”, with Sundays being dedicated to them.

“We have a lot of parents that play with their kids, and it’s cool to see them teach their kids strategy and critical thinking,” Liegl said. “There a game out there for everybody and I love that Santa Clarita families are so into tabletop gaming as an alternative to video games.”

At Brave New World, wargaming enthusiasts can find many opportunities for both casual and competitive play, even tournaments with prizes. Everyone is allowed to play as long as they know the rules. Tabletop gaming sessions and tutorials are hosted in addition to the tournaments, helping beginners become future competitors in the game.

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One tabletop gamer, Danny Meecham, has played since 2004, but has only lived in the Santa Clarita area for eight months. He describes the community as the most significant factor in what makes Brave New World appealing to tabletop gamers.

The Tabletop Gaming Community

“The players are very knowledgeable, and the staff is extremely friendly and could answer all my questions about different products and it’s not always the case for store to know their games and their clientele,” Meecham said.

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