effective tips for wargaming success

Wargaming is not just a battle of moving pieces, but a mind game between two opponents. Just like characters such as Sun Tzu, thinking two steps ahead of your opponent can be the key to success. Here are some strategies to being an effective player in the tabletop battlefield.

Narrate Your Moves as You Play

Narrating your moves can not only liven up the game, but put some extra thoughts into your opponents’ mind. There is nothing like seeing their reaction when you tell them your force of rangers are heading into a fort just 6 inches from their base. Your opponents will definitely be kept on their toes as you narrate your actions.

Be Patient with Your Movement

Strategy means having the utmost patience. Do not swing around you measuring tape, instead, lay it on the table, plan your moves, and then set the miniatures on their way. Roll your dice in an area that is visible to all players. In addition, keep your army guide and game rules on standby. You never know when you will need to consult the rulebook.

Avoid Asking for Rewinds

Some games can have the fun sucked out of them when one player asks for a take-back. Not only does this frustrate the other players, but also makes people less prone to want to play with you. If you make an error, then learn from it and move on.

Keep the Primary Objective in Mind

Each game has a primary objective – keep this in mind as you progress through a wargaming session. Sure, it is fun to see your enemies forces fall beneath your feet, but as in real-time strategy games, there are multiple paths to victory. Before each of your turn, perform an assessment of the table and measure your chances of each type of victory.

Clear Any Negative Emotions from Your Mind

Negative feelings can influence you to make bad decisions in critical times. By keeping a clear mind and viewing things in perspective, you will not force yourself into difficult situations. The game is a marathon, not a sprint, so play to your toys and do not let negative emotions overcome you.

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