When you plan to get a game going and have miniatures in hand, you need the setting for the theme. This is what scenery provides. Scenery buildings are designed for a variety of wargames and they can range from sizes between 20 and 30 millimeters. When you buy them, they come mostly unassembled and unpainted. This means you have the fun of coloring them and building them any way you prefer.

Every scenery model is cut from panels. The templates can be purchased colored or uncolored. The provider can also provide customized panels with pre-made designs or set-ups. Generally, when you order a set of scenery models, they will also be packaged with instructions for setting up the environment. If you are planning a different type of theme for the game, you can set up your own environment as well.

With wargaming, anything can be accomplished with just your mind. If you do not have the funds to purchase scenery, there is always a free option. You can simply find cardboard cutouts and color them to match your preferred scenery as well.

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