Having learned about the many wonders and joys that wargaming can provide, you may be tempted to start sculpting or modeling your own miniatures. But do you know where to start? A good beginning point is recognizing and understanding the tools you may need. You are likely to sculpt your own miniatures in the 15mm to 30mm scale. This is standard for most type of wargaming themes and terrain setups.

What materials for sculpting wargaming miniatures do you start out with?

To create miniatures figures, characteristics, creatures, and the like, your options are numerous. Here are some that we can recommend.



Kneadatite is used by most modelmakers to help complete normal-sized miniatures. They can be mixed before applying to the figure and will turn green during the process. If you need to add some fur, chainmail, or other fine detail, this material can be a great asset to have.

Super Sculpey FIRM Gray

FIRM Gray works well enough for many modelmakers. They help with making some high-quality, especially ones over the 25-28mm range. You can get a firm texture for sculpting more specific details of your project. Once dried and baked, they have a long shelf life, almost never losing their softness.

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