Miniatures are more than just action figures or toys, they are characters you design, name, and play. Whether your into fantasy, historical, or space themes, there is a wide selection of miniatures available for just about every genre. You will be bound to find one figure that suits your type of playing style.

People purchase or create miniatures for dioramas or wargaming. Dioramas act as platforms that allow the figures to be part of a story brought to life. Dioramas, wargaming, and miniatures are interdependent when it comes to having a tabletop gaming session.

If you are experienced with hobby model kits, you may think miniatures work the same. However, most of the figures already are assembled, but require more detailed painting. The painting process requires a bit of concentration and time, but it is also fun as well. When you look at the newly painted figure of yours, there is no beating that sense of pride and satisfaction.

Miniatures are part of the wargaming world and very few games are played without them. The work of painting them, attaching them to a scene tile, and writing a story about them can make for a worthwhile, fulfilling experience.

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