Board Game Store RichmondRichmond, Virginia has a number of great locations for board game fun. This city in Virignia is one of a few select areas with some great stores and wargaming meetup groups. The hobby can be both casual or competitive, resulting in an experience that fits everyone’s type of game.

With board games, you have many choices. You have the traditional options such as scrabble, chess, or games with themes such as the Game of Life, Monopoly, Game of Thrones, and Magic the Gathering.

Located in Richmond is One Eyed Jacques. This store has a major collection of board game pieces and set ups. For the wargaming groups, you will also find a plentiful amount of miniatures and tabletop figures. If you think of any tabletop game, rest assured you will find it at One Eyed Jacques.

If you can’t make it to One Eyed Jacques, try an online shop. is where you can go to browse through a deep selection of board games and other accessories. You can set up the search by any type of game. Orders over $100 are also eligible for free shipping.