Board Game Store Long BeachLong Beach is not just a beach, but a place for many novelty stores as well. There are no shortage of board game stores in this beautiful beachside city. Whether you are a competitive board gamer or a casual player, there are many types of games to choose from. There are the traditional favorites such as chess, checkers, scrabble, or the more modern games such as Game of Thrones and the Game of Life.

Some of the stores you will find will also provide spaces to bring your own game sand play with friends. You can have your own little mini-tournament going on. The stores in Long Beach definitely have something to offer and appeal to any type of board game player.

Here is a list of game stores in Long Beach:

  • War House
  • Guild House
  • Richie’s Toys & Gifts
  • A Castle of Books
  • Barnes & Noble

For online shopping options, try, which has a great selection of board games for enthusiasts to choose from.