IBoard Game Store Eugenef you are on a quest to find the best board game stores around the country, mark Eugene as one of your stops. They have a couple of places that board game enthusiasts love. Some of these stores also cater to other hobbies as well, including RC cars, airplanes, wargaming, miniatures, scenery, and more.

Eugene, Oregon is where Funagain Games is based at. Funagain Games is like a café for those who love board games. They also provide a selection of card games, video games, classic 80’s titles, arcade cabinets, and many more treasures. This is definitely your place to hang out with fellow enthusiasts or friends.

The spacious gaming area they have at the store offers a place where you can organize board, card, or wargaming sessions with your friends. The welcoming staff is happy to invite new enthusiasts or interested casuals to learn about these passionate hobbies.

Funagain Games also has a presence online. They offer their deep selection of board games at discount offers. You can search for games by age, gender, and genre. Items over $100 are also eligible for free shipping. Check out more at www.funagaingames.com