In tabletop gaming, there is no such thing as exclusivity. Those new to the hobby can find a sea of choices when it comes to getting adjusted into a game. Regardless of your interests and choice of theme, there are numerous games that can be suitable for you. Those who have already found tabletop gaming to be their thing can still have fun with introductory games.

If you are stumped when it comes to introducing the hobby to non-enthusiasts, the following list of games can help you. Some of the most recommended games for beginners include:

– Grave Robbers from Outer Space
– Zombie Dice
– Dixit
– Fiasco
– 13th Age
– Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
– King of Tokyo
– Mice and Mystics

These games can be fun for the seasoned veterans as well as those just picking up the hobby. They have a short play time and can entertain both sides, regardless of who is the winner or loser.

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