About Wargaming

One of the primary pastimes when it comes to hobbies, wargaming is a combination of various games, whether it is RPG’s, board games, or competitive events. In miniature wargaming, players come together and simulate anything, from a story to a battle. People can come up with anything, including fantasy-themed adventures, Feudal Japanese battles, or the historical conflicts of the American Civil War.

Miniatures and Customization

Wargaming was developed in the last century and took off in the 1960s. It still remains a popular activity today among enthusiasts, even with the rise of mobile and computer games. During a game, participating players come together and bring small figurines, which represent units or parts of the location. The terrain can have grids, but movement can also be determined by various measurement methods.

The size of the figurines, or miniatures, can vary greatly. They can as small as 2 cm or as large as 60 cm. Everything can be customized by the player, especially the scenery and figures. The games are played out like a chess game, with rules determined by the scenario created by the players.

The scope and scale of wargaming can be discussed all day, but in general, it is a fun, user-created experience that brings enthusiasts together. If you are a beginner and wish to further immerse yourself in the community, you can try some of the popular fantasy, space, or naval-themed games out now. Some of them include Axis and Allies, Bastion, Warhammer, Star Fleet Battles, and more.

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