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Cool Miniature Toy Installations From London-Based Artist Slinkachu

Check out this street invasion that comes in the form of miniature toy installations from Slinkachu, an artist based in London. In his recent work, the artist often tackles themes such as the environment and politics with his art. He uses everyday backdrops and street components, establishing a scene for a particular piece. This can include a leaf used as a wall for graffiti, or a painted line on the road for a sandy beach. Even weeds growing from a cement crack can create a scene for a frost. You have to check it out.

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Painting Dark Elf Witch Elves

This excellent video from ‘TheApatheticFish’ demonstrates the steps and processes of painting a dark elf witch for fantasy wargames. The result beautiful! Definitely go support this user’s channel.

Cool Time Lapse of a Historical Ninja Miniature Being Painted

Ever wondered how the real, historical ninjas of Japan actually looked? This cool time lapse attempts to portray the making of an authentic looking ninja miniature. This includes the conversion, modeling, and painting process. Check it out below.

Might & Magic Showdown Early Access

A new title from Ubisoft, Might & Magic Showdown adds some miniatures twist to a classic turn-based RPG franchise. The project is headed by Ubisoft’s Montreal division and Fun House. The new title will feature table-top wargaming figurines, incorporating them into the M&M world.

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Tamashii Nations Dragonball Z Diorama Set at Jakarta Toy Fair 2016

Excellent diorama set featuring the familiar cast of Saiyans as well as new characters from the latest DBZ series. The diorama set was specially made just for this event.

Former NFL Player Claiming Gears of War Character is Based on Him Files Suit

Lenwood Hamilton, a previous wrestler and NFL pro footballer, has filed a lawsuit against the developers of Gears of War. He claimed that the likeness for the character, Augustus Cole “Cole Train”, was based on him and used without his permission. The legal document did not contain the specific name of the defendant, but reported that Microsoft and Epic Games were included.

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‘Painting Wargaming Figures’ by Javier Gomez

Javier Gomez provides an overview on the basics of painting wargame figures. Youtuber “Paint or Die Miniatures’ gives a thorough review and read-through of Mr. Gomez’s book.

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New Update Comes to Suburbia Board Game

Ted Alspach’s city builder Suburbia is regarded among the top board games available on the App Store. Now, it is receiving the iPhone update many fans have been waiting for. For those who haven’t heardof the game, it is simulator that has players building cities tile by tile. The goal of the game is to be flexible in allocating space and resources to ensure the optimal productivity and sustainability of the city and its citizens.