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Making a Waterwell for Wargaming and Dioramas

Helpful tutorial on making a scale water well for wargames or dioramas. The video covers the process using simple materials and it is completely scratch-built. Check it out below.

Second Warhammer Game Confirmed by Creative Assembly

A second multiplayer Total War: Warhammer game has been confirmed by developer Creative Assembly. The title is expected to be the second installment of a trilogy. The developer noted that the title is in the works by the team, promising tones of new content and an upgrade in graphics and animation.

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God of War PS4 Close to the Finish Line

 The God of War Playstation 4 game was announced earlier in the year, but details about the game have been scarce since. Title director Cory Barlog recently announced an important milestone in the game’s development: the game can now be played from beginning to end.

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Board Games to Play over the Holidays

Some holidays are spent the simply way. This means sitting around a warm fire with some toasty hot chocolate over a game of Scrabble. Board games still provide great family fun that keeps everyone engaged, which can’t always be done on a smartphone or computer. Here are several of our favorite board games to play over the holidays.


Mikhail Tal Vs. Anatoly Karpov Brussels 1987

The two chess grandmasters provide an excellent showpiece of skill, cunning, and strategy with their notable meeting in Brussells on April, 1987. Here is a video summary demonstrating the amazing moves from both sides, including the famous blitz encounter.

Christmas Board Game Opts for the Jesus vs. Santa Theme

In your weird news of the day, check out this Christmas-themed board game that is raising eyebrows and attracting controversy. It pits Jesus Chris and Santa Claus together in a battle for who rules Christmas.

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Card Game Changes Name to Avoid Associations with Trump

One educational card game has elected (no pun intended) to change their name to avoid negative associations with US President-elect Donald Trump.

The game’s name reads “Eco-Action Trumps”. It is an educational game produced by a UK-based environmental games company. One company spokesperson states that the name has potential to be a branding disaster, with many children now connecting the game to the US president-elect.

The new name is planned to be “Eco Action Toppers”.

Smaug Figure From The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Gorgeous Smaug large scale action figure. Contains 22-inch wingspan and stands at 19’’ tall. The figure required intensive design and artistic composition – having undergone more than 140 painting procedures.