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Review of Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders re-introduces the land of Alefgard from the first installment of this legendary RPG series. While returning to a familiar setting, it kickstarts a new adventure under the premise that the original hero from the first game did not defeat the Dragonlord. Despite this history, newcomers won’t feel too overwhelmed if this is their first game in the series.

Square Enix does an effective job of laying out the game’s mechanics through the balanced tutorial section. This allows users to easily launch their first building projects and craft powerful items.

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Wargaming and SEGA Come to Terms with Total War: ARENA Deal

Collecting model, die-cast cars is a rewarding and satisfying way to spend your time and money – especially if collecting is your passion. Starting off can present some challenges thrown your way. For many people who aren’t able to collect actual cars as a hobby like wealthy individuals, collecting miniature model cars provides a satisfaction of its own. The article below shares some tips on how to start a good collection.

New Rogue One Trailer Showcases X-Wing Dogfight

This week’s new Rogue One trailer offers more glimpses for fans. This includes a dramatic, intense X-wing dogfight sequence as well as an exchange between two of the good guys, Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe.

Tutorial on Simple Basing

Creating the most presentable figurines for wargaming involves doing good basic basing. Here is a quick tutorial on how get the essentials down for basing.

Wargame Red Dragon Tank Guide

Stealth 17 Gaming shows you how to construct and develop tanks for many of the different nations. This includes France, UK, Russia, US, Germany, and more. The video also goes over the military doctrine of all nations. See the full video here: