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S.H. Figuarts Wargreymon (Our War Game Ver.)

Here is a review of the completely assembled Wargreyman figure from S.H. Figuarts. The figure comes with a display stand as well as the trademark weapon of the famed Digimon. Check out more of the review here

Virtual Tank Appears on Linsay Road in Bovington

History fans will be thrilled to see history revived in the form of a virtual tank on Linsay Road in Bovington. The visitors will be able to visit the tank and observe its interior and exterior features. Pictures are also accepted. The tank will appear to those who have the free app, developed by World of Tanks developer Wargaming. The project was initiated to honor the memory of British tank soldiers.

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Wargame: Airland Battle Tutorial #2 Gameplay Mechanics

One of the most challenging and complex wargames is made easier thanks to this detailed, comprehensive tutorial form VulcanHDGaming. The video definitely does a good job in covering the most essential components of the series’ gameplay.

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Brave New Worlds – Willow Grove, PA

433 W Moreland Rd,

Willow Grove, PA 19090

Brave New Worlds has a great storefront and really pulls in all the comic book lovers passing by. They have a great selection of books, including some unopened, mint condition collections stretching back 40 years. The comics are very neatly organized by alphabet so you won’t have problem finding a particular comic should they have it in stock. They are not only a place to get comics, but toys and games as well.

World of Tanks Meets Valkyria Chronicles

Sega is planning to bring the military-themed tactical role-playing game franchise, Valkyria Chronicles, the scarred battlfields of Wargaming’s World of Tanks. The wargaming series is a successful mobile and PC spinoff of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) war game.

The collaboration was announced by both parties and was presented along with a teaser trailer. For more information, visit

Lego Store – Braintree, MA

250 Granite St
Ste 37
Braintree, MA 02184

I am sure we have all touched a lego block as a kid. At the LEGO Store in Braintree, Massachusetts, we can relive those days as well as share the wonder of these blocks with our own kids.

The Lego Store has a fantastic staff that works diligently to keep this place in shape. While small, it has everything there is when it comes to Legos. Definitely check out some of the works that other people have been building. We have some future engineers here!

Drive on Moscow Game Overview

Drive on Moscow takes you to one of history’s largest land battles. This game is currently available on iOS, but will soon be headed over to the PC. It is an asymmetrical game that pits multiple factions against each other while navigating across an array of obstacles. The Germans must take Moscow, while the Soviets must hold out.

Campaign mode is played out in turn, spanning across the three days the conflict historically took place. Units are divided into specific types, including infantry and armor. Each unit has a strength level that determines how many hits they can take.

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The Lawyer Who Left His Job to Make an RPG

Dean Razavi, developer of Vidar, promoted his game as the “RPG puzzler where everyone dies”. Before last month, Razavi spent years working full-time as a litigation attorney. He has followed a path to a legal career for a long time, which has resulted in a fruitful career with a big salary and fancy suit. He ditched all that for a life of indie game development, with Vidar being his first project. The game is stated for a 2017 release and mirrors Razavi’s new, adventurous, unpredictable life.

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