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Wargaming Closes WG Cells Mobile Studio

According to a Geekwire report, Wargaming has decided to shut down operations of its WG Cells mobile studio in Bellevue, Washington. The move is expected to result in a cut of 64 jobs. The decision was made after a year of the studio’s formation.

This appears to be a move to save costs and consolidate operations in a market that continues to be more expensive to operate in. The company has reported that acquiring users has incurred the company high costs.

David Bluhm, CEO of WG Cells and cofounder, shares with reporters the purpose of the move.

“Mobile gaming is a very difficult market right now,” Bluhm said. “The expertise needed and the cost centers don’t necessarily line up with where we are at right now, in the view

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Full Throttle Hobby & Raceway – Alburquerque, NM

Princess Jeanne Shopping Center,

1408 Eubank Blvd NE,

Albuquerque, NM 87112

Full Throttle has always remained a favorite for RC fanatics around town. The staff takes care of their store well and are excited to share their knowledge. This is much appreciated in a city with few RC locales. There are various race and RC car activities for the kids as well.

The store inventory is very diverse and extensive, not clogged with space fillers or junk. Their models and parts are also kept in great condition.

HG Wells, the Father of Wargaming

Here is a reminder of your history class days at high school. It is pretty common to think that wargaming was developed by a big company that specializes in figurines and hobbies. However, you may have to rethink those facts. Here is some cool little history on how HG Wells had a hand in the development of wargaming. Just take a look at that crazy photo of him working those soldiers with a string!

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Dragon Quest Museum Celebrates 30 Years Since the Franchise’s First Installment

Dragon Quest made its first appearance on the scene in 1986 by the former Enix. It was added to the Nintendo Family Computer, or Famicom’s lineup and became a social phenomenon. Sales amounted to over 3.9 million for the first two installments, and the third entry alone achieved 3.8 million sales figures. Gamers lined up overnight just to get their hands on the latest game in the series.

The series broad appeal made it the definitive RPG franchise in Japan. Before its arrival, the gaming scene was dominated by platformers and shooters. Today, the Dragon Quest celebrates the series’ 30th anniversary.

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Heroes of Normandie on PC

Heroes of Normandie is a board game based on World War 2 and has been out on PC for a while. The game is also being planned for a launch on iOS. While played on a PC, the game captures the elements of a traditional board game.

Players are given the usual scenarios and play them out in a combination of cards, miniatures, and other wargaming elements. The turn-based battles are split into three phases where players allocate their cards and pieces to strategize their way to victory.

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Board Games Take Center Stage with Local Retailers

Gen Con was recently held at the Indiana Convention Center, attracting thousands of tabletop game enthusiasts. As soon as the event concludes, what comes next?

Retired Navy SEAL Shane Priddy opens his new store, Family Time Games, to keep the enthusiasm going. The store will service consumers around the county with an appetite for both old and new board games.

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Nankin Hobby Farmington Hills – Farmington Hills, MI

33350 W 9 Mile Rd,

Farmington, MI 48336

Best store for the hobby enthusiast in Farmington Hills. They have some of the most polite associates and that goes a long way towards providing an excellent customer service experience. They have dozens of items relating to RC cars, including complete model kits, motors, accessories, building tools, etc. If you have a need for parts, they can help you in that department as well.

Helicopters aren’t forgotten here either. Some of the brands they offer include Traxxas, HPI, AE, Losi, Castle Creations, and more. Definitely the place to be for Farmington Hills RC enthusiasts.