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Miniature Wargaming, The Movie

Jump into the world of fantasy creatures and plastic marines, at a small scale level. Miniature Wargaming The Movie has just launched their kickstarter project and are hoping to attract enough audiences interested in traveling back to the time to the origins of miniature wargaming. The kickstarter campaign will run from June 26 to August 7 and so far has 415 backers and over $20,000 pledged in support, well past the goal of $14,000.

This is among the first films of its kind and will definitely feature industry leaders such as Paul Sawyer, Michael Perry, and more.

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Red Castle Games – Portland, OR

Red Castle Games - Portland, OR

6406 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR 97206

Red Castle Games is one of those shops where you will find everything. If you want to start a card collection, this is one of the best places to start. Their selection of games is incredible, it includes Magic, Munchkin, D&D, Warhammer, Pokemon, and more. The desk employees are very helpful whenever you have questions or need more information.

Those into wargaming and in the local area are very fortunate to have such a dedicated store nearby. The space they have available is definitely reserved for your group games. Private rooms are also on offer to arrange your tournaments. Overall, this is a great store with a friendly, approachable staff.

Little Wars – Baton Rouge, LA


Jefferson Plaza,
7517 Jefferson Hwy,
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Little Wars is popular wargaming spot down in Jefferson Plaza in Baton Rouge. They have a lot of history and have seen many customers walk through their doors. The people there all have great knowledge of their products and also provide plenty of help on where to find items.

The customer experience is not always consistent, so try coming in multiple times to see what you get. Sometimes, you might walk into an empty store. You have to wonder how they keep this place free of thieves.

If you can’t find the specific item you are looking for, they can check online for you or place an order. Overall, its not the best place, but it has a few good goodies.

Jump Into the Cockpit of an RC Car With Arduino

Two robotics students, Rafart Jordi and Marc Thomas have built a VR-like experience with their RC car. Rather than just simply equipping it with a camera, they built a lifesized cockpit to steer it. It almost feels like you are piloting the thing in real time rather than just holding a controller.

The drivers can climb in and control with the wheel and gas pedal, simulating all the mechanics of a real car. It is quite the real racing experience the two students hoped to replicate. You have to see it in action to know how awesome it is.

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El Cerrito Coin Exchange – El Cerrito, CA

el cerrito coin exchange

10531 San Pablo Ave
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Its not a wargaming store, but I wanted to highlight one cool store I found off of San Pablo avenue in El Cerrito, California. The people are simply passionate about their collection and have more than enough patience to educate you on their history and value. They will also give great tips on which coins to keep and which ones to sell for melt/metal value.

If you are a big coin collector or simply have a lot of time on your hand, it wouldn’t hurt to take a side trip to this cool location.

Miniature Wargaming and History Buffs Go Hand in Hand

In a corner of the annual Little Wars convention, groups of men congregate around a table and discuss their next moves during an invasion. The table was the battlefield and the soldiers are plastic one-inch pieces.

In these arenas of combat, many members of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society have come out in force to support two hobbies they love – wargaming and history.

The Little Wars convention was hosted by the Chicago chapter of the group and is the place where war games of the old breed are played out. There are no screens or controllers, but tiny soldiers made of plastic or metal dueling each other in tabletop terrains made completely from hand.

Many of the battle scenes reflect a theme or historical event, whether it is the scarred fields of World War II, Gettysburg, or Waterloo. During this event, wargamers and history buffs have found something that stirs both their interests.

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Tabletop Games Take in More Pledge Money than Video Games, According to Kickstarter

Kickstarter has attracted over $500 million in games funding pledges. Recent data reveals some surprising finds, one of them points out that tabletop games rake in more backing than video game projects. Over $265 million has been raised for tabletop game projects, compared to $186 million for video games.

The data records the most-funded projects and also information on users who have done the funding. 2.2 million backers have been responsible for the total $500 million in pledges across 8,000 projects.