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Elwood Hobbies – East Northport, NY

Elwood Hobbies can give you some great prices and keep you informed about the latest news on hobbies thanks to their staff. The professionalism is not something you would expect from a traditional brick and mortar store. Over the years, the store has shifted from model rockets or kits to radio-controlled planes, cars, and boats.

The stock has some nice finds, but it is not always fully stocked. You may have to come here before placing a call so you know the item you are looking for is in stock. The ownership is good, but make sure to call ahead to ask them what they have in stock. Even RC enthusiasts have been come in only to be disappointed by the selection.

3006 Jericho Turnpike

East Northport, NY 11731

Car-Buying Hobby Turns into Classic Car Museum

Car collector Guy Mace holds one of the most impressive collections of Rolls Royces and Austin Healeys in his garage. He owns many Brass-era cars predating 1910 including those owned by celebrities. He will soon go public by opening his Route 66 Car Museum on June 15.

The museum will be located on “The Mother Road” at 1634 W. College St. in Springfield. Admission will be $15 to $13.

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260-Year Old Warship, HMS Namur, to Go on Display for the First Time

Having battled alongside the legendary Nelson and captained by Jane Austen’s Brother, HMS Namur is set to go on display for the first time in 260 years. This will be the first time the remains will be revealed after they the timbers were discovered under floorboards.

The timbers will part of the new exhibition at Historic Dockyard Chatham, 20 years following the initial discovery during a routine refurbishment. There were formerly in the dockyard’s Wheelwrights’ Shop, having been hidden under several layers of flooring.


11 of the Best Trailers from E3 2016

While there was some focus on new technology such as VR and Xbox One S, gamers were looking forward to seeing what new titles were on the horizon for this year and beyond. The titles didn’t disappoint. E3 brought out the goods for games this year, from Sony’s exclusives to Nintendo’s bold new Zelda announcement, here are the top trailers from this year’s show.

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Food Chain Magnate – Ipad Tabletop Game

Here is an interesting tabletop game that will give you an education about finances. Food Chain Magnate (FCM) allows you to be a business manager targeting a market. It can be played on mobile or Ipad and consists of marketing goods to roads and houses. You can interact with your customers by marketing to them.

You can choose many marketing options that will get customers to say “shut up and take my money”. You are responsible not just for the supply, but the demand. The goal of the game is to balance both and maintain respectable profitability.



Gnome Games – Green Bay, WI

Gnome Games Green Bay

Gnome Games in Green Bay, WI is a specialty hobby story that just gets a passing grade. The service is a hit or miss depending on which day you decide to make a visit. Nonetheless, the products are worth a look. They have one of the best selection of board games and RPGs that Green Bay has to offer. Some of the deals they had were irresistible as well.

If you are a parent and in need of a way to pass time with your kids, you will waste MANY hours here just browsing through the shelves. You will also see a lot of gamers having their tournaments set up. Overall, if you come in a good day and have time to kill, Gnome Games makes for a good outing.

2255 Main St

Green Bay, WI 54302

‘Witness’ Board Game

‘Witness’ is a board game that takes the concept of the “telephone” game and turns it into a crime-solving device. Produced from Ystari games, it answers the question of whether we can message clues from one person to another, just like the ‘telephone’ game of old.

The game is set in the universe of Blake & Mortimer, which is a Belgian pulp comic series and the work of Edgar P. Jacobs. The 1940s comic tells the story of British scientist Philip Mortimer and M15 agent Captain Francis Blake. They both undertake eventful crime investigations and major adventures.


Full Spectrum War Games – Arlington, TX

Full Spectrum War Games - Arlington, TX

I just wanted to give a quick heads up on this awesome wargame store in Arlington, Texas. They are really built around the culture of wargaming, which is gathering together with fellow enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite games in their own space. There are plenty of rooms stock full of the latest classic and modern games.

There is something for every player, whether you are from the older or newer generations of wargamers. The staff and owner are generous, you can see the dedication they placed in maintaining a top quality store that caters to wargamers.

I highly recommend this shop.

4001 W Green Oaks Blvd, Ste 217

Arlington, TX