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Total War: Warhammer Manages Half a Million Orders in Three Days

It only took three days for the Total War: Warhammer game to sell half a million copies. This is a franchise record.

Warhammer marks the latest entry in the Total War series. The servers opened on Tuesday, May 24 and they have already began slowing down to the large volume of players.

According to Steam, there are currently over 76,000 users playing the game.



Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal Preview

Here is a wargame that wasn’t developed by HexWar or Slitherine. It is an indie release known as Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal. It allows the player to assume the role of the US Navy in 1942 during the Pacific Theater of World War II. With the Japanese as a foe, the game feels like a traditional tabletop hex & counter wargame. Players can choose from 5 scenarios, including the titular Battle of Guadalcanal and Battle of the Coral Sea.

Game features:

– 25 types of warplanes

– Authentic, historically accurate ships

– Air strikes

– Advanced damage system

– Radar

– Naval Bombardment


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Tak: Game Review

Tak is an abstract strategy game that follows mechanisms observed in Chess and Go. It is the work of James Ernest and Rothfuss, who are currently running a successful Kickstarter campaign for it. The game has already surpassed its $50,000 goal and now stands more than ten times that figure.

The game was an idea developed from another book series, The Wise Man’s Fear, where the game was played in the courts of one of the locations in the setting. The game was described in the book as simple in rules and complex in strategy. The developers have set out to make that game a reality.

The premise is centered around laying down tiles of opposing colors to create a path leading towards the opposing end of a checkered board.



Tucson Games and Gadgets – Tucson, AZ

Tucson Games and Gadgets

Tucson Games and Gadgets is a place that is always on my stop list. It has a great atmosphere, and a friendly and knowledgeable stuff. They were never too busy nor too inept in helping me answer a question. I love to come in with friends and just sit down for a gaming session. Sometimes, you can buy a game and they will help teach you how to play it.

With a large game selection, and snacks and tables always around. Tucson Games and Gadgets offers a lot for your wargaming loving friends. Definitely mark this place on your Tucson trip.

2900 E Broadway
Ste 134
Tucson, AZ 85716

Dark Souls Board Game Launched on Kickstarter

An official Dark Souls Board Game has made its presence known through the efforts of miniature gaming company Steamforged Games, who had just recently initiated their Kickstarter crowd funding project. The campaign will be active for 26 days and had already received funding five minutes after being live.


Bandai Namco will also be assisting in the project, the company is the publisher of the franchise. The initial aims of the project are to develop the most difficult board game.


The following features are expected to be included:


– 5 Mini-Boss Models

– 3 Boss Models

– 4 Player Character Models

– 12 Grunt Models

– 4 Large Grunt Models

– 4 Player Character Boards

– And more…


You can check out the project at

Star Wars: Rebellion the Board Game

Seasoned board gamers may be familiar with the games put out by the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars: Rebellion is the latest installment of the force in board game glory. This is a three-hour long epic game developed by Fantasy Flight Games.

Fantasy Flight Games obtained the license to produce board games for the franchise a few years ago. They have a successful history with the series, producing some high quality tabletop games since focusing on different aspects of the Star Wars universe. In this one, players can experience everything from fleet battles to small group missions.

Two to four players can assume leadership of either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. The board will be filled with beautiful looking miniatures looking to take the fight to control the galaxy.


Wayfarer: 3D Printed Wargaming System on Kickstarter

We all know how much of a phenomenon 3D printers have become. They have been on the news for being able to re-produce some of the most ridiculous things. How about an entire wargaming set-up? Ill Gotten Games, a new developer of the Wayfarer gaming system has been working on 3D printing for developing their models and terrain.

Almost everything is based on 3D printing. For the players themselves, the only thing needed is the rulebook, downloadable scenery, downloadable models, and some wargaming instincts.

Wayfarer Tactics provides an accessible universe within an expandable gaming system. It can be adapted to any type of game based on the choices of the players. This can be high fantasy with elves and dragons, or space battles with starships. You can also use your imagination to stage battles using your own models and miniatures. In fact, using any miniature at your disposal is recommended for a great wargaming experience.