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Great Games to Play on the Playstation Vita

It has been several years since the release of the Playstation Vita and it has stood out in the sea of smartphone apps and mobile games. It is a weighty, powerful gaming platform that has a collection of games worth playing on it.

Instead of mobile touchscreen tricks and gimmicks, the Vita is a handheld machine with pads, buttons, sticks, panels, multiplayer functions, and the most powerful graphical processing power on a handheld. Games on the PS4 can be streamed remotely, which can work well for the right games. You can also download and play PSP games.

Kotaku came up with a list of great games you can play on this machine. Read more here

IGN’s Review of Chronos

IGN takes a look at one of the first RPG games exclusive to the Oculus Rift. Chronos from Gunfire Games presents a return to form on traditional gameplay rather than extensive virtual reality mechanics. Nonetheless, with its VR setup, the game takes you face-to-face with giant Cyclops battles and challenging puzzles.

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Fishing Break Gameplay – Mobile Game

One type of game that is a specialty of SEGA is fishing. You will understand that statement if you have ever played the SEGA bass fishing games. Those nostalgic for those bass-centric games can rekindle some great memories with this mobile fishing game – Fishing Break.

The 2D art style aims for a cute feel – it is prototypical of a mobile game. The sprites are creatively generated with information and UI included in an easy-to-read manner. The game goes deep as is its mechanics, so you will need all the information you will need in one screen. There are also upgrades that become available as you fish your way through the game

It is a casual game, for those looking for a relaxing fishing experience on their phone. Players will cast out the line, hook the fish, catch it, and repeat. It doesn’t get much more complicated than that. You can tap on the right side of the screen to cast, then continue to tap to reel the fish in.

The fish will attempt to pull back, and you will need to stop tapping to prevent the line from breaking. Learning to balance reeling in and easing off can be a challenge at first, but also fun at the same time.

Far Cry Primal Takes it up a Notch with 4K Textures

The new survival mode will be made available to Far Cry Primal players on all platforms with the recently announced patch hitting April. For PC players, the patch comes with 4K resolution textures. A beefy graphics upgrade.

The developers incorporated permadeath into the mode – where players get an instant game over upon death. A backup life can be provided upon reaching specific completion points throughout the game.


Hot Wheels is Bringing Back the 80s with Classic Cars from the Era

The kids of the ‘80s are grown up now and have jobs, homes, and nostalgic memories of the childhood. Toy companies such as Mattel are taking advantage of this nostalgia by introducing throwback lines to their existing car line-up. The grown-up 80s kids can rekindle their childhood by buying the toys they grew up with. Hot Wheels has done exactly that by reproducing lines of classic cars and trucks from that era.

If you were an ‘80s child with your own, you can show them what their generation is missing out on. Some of the best Hot Wheels toys are packaged complete with their original design and labels. Your kids won’t appreciate the toys lack of mobile apps, but those aren’t really need it when you can bring back fond memories of the 80s.