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Hungry Shark Evolution: Surviving its Vast Ocean


Hungry Shark Evolution is a game that can make you feel like a small fish in a vast ocean. You must navigate your way around this digital sea to survive.

You begin the game as a baby shark, then grow through its grow stages as you eat and survive. The reward of this game is to survive until you grow into a might Great White Shark at the top of the food chain. You will experience different stages of the shark’s growth stage, from birth, to juvenile, and adult stage. You must overcome some dangers lurking in the ocean depths to survive and get to adult stage.

Food eaten throughout the game serves as energy to keep vitality high. A green bar at the top of the screen indicates your energy level. Below is that bar is a red bar that shows how much “boost” is available to be used – using this feature will help in catching food and avoiding bigger predators. You need to keep eating to ensure your shark has the energy to progress through its growth stages. You can feed on small fishes, seals, birds, and even humans.

Be careful about your swimming level, diving down too deep presents dangers to you shark. There is only so much pressure your shark can take before being crushed by the deep ocean depths. Mines are also lurking in the lower zones that will seriously damage your shark’s energy bar. The last thing you want to keep note of are submarines, which are capable of firing torpedoes at you.

If you want the fastest way to reaching the fully grown adult stage, then start taking on missions and collecting more coins. Most of these missions involve collecting sea shells from underwater caves or the ocean floor.

Night Cry Horror Game Trailer is a Throwback to 90s Terror

The trailer for the new horror game, Night Cry, brings us back to familiar territory. Having been developed for a couple of years, it started out as a Kickstarter project and was initially scheduled for a March 2015 release. Its latest showings give viewers flashbacks of classic horror titles such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Fatal Frame.

Currently, the Kickstarter project has over $300k generated in funds. Players assume the role of Monica, who is trapped with an unknown, but deadly creature during a cruise trip gone wrong. The player must guide Monica towards survival. The gameplay trailer provides better glimpse of the story.

The game certainly has a lot of promise as can be seen by reaction to the newest trailers, with the Scissorwalker villain receiving a positive response so far from audiences. The game definitely resonates with those who have experienced early horror games of the late 80’s through the 90’s. So far, this is one to keep an eye out for. View the trailer here:

Introduction to the Abstract Game, Circular Reasoning

There isn’t much to write about when it comes to the rules of the abstract board game Circular Reasoning. It has few pieces, a simple design, and targets the family market while offering enough strategy for the complex thinker.

The board comprises of three tracks and a central, each layer is separated by gateway tracks. Players will maneuver three pieces, a circle, square, and triangle, through each of the gateways into the center before others do. The circle can move two spaces, triangle three, and square four. Any directional movement is acceptable as long as it doesn’t change in the middle of a move.

A piece is only allowed to move into an interior track by passing through the gateway piece separating the two tracks. The gateways move clockwise with each turn, increasing the spaces equal to the player tokens. Tokens can jump over other ones unless they are passing through a gateway. A token inside or just outside a gateway causes it to block until the gate or token moves. Since tokens are assigned a fixed number of spaces for movement, the players chase the gateways around the board or turning it around to find the right opportunity to enter.

In addition to the gates, the players present obstacles to each other. The decision you make takes into account anticipating your opponent’s move. The lesser the players, the fewer obstacles there are. However, with four players, there will be complex decisions to make.

Every Street Fighter Character Ranked


The characters of Capcom’s legendary fighting game franchise are some of the most beloved and iconic in the industry. They decorate billboards, murals, and shops from San Francisco to Rio de Janeiro. Their designs range from the wacky, creepy, to the traditional hardened warriors.

Paste Magazine has called on a panel of two experts to rank every character in the series. Read on at

Master Go Player Lee Seedol Saves Face for Humanity – Wins one Round Against Google AlphaGo Program


In an epic best of five match-up between man and machine, master Go player Lee Sedol prevents a global catastrophe and wins a round for humanity. The match was completely dominated by AlphaGo for the first three rounds, and flashbacks of Kasparov-Deep Blue were settling in, but Lee took the initiative with a surprising move that earned him the victory in the fourth round.

On the 78th move, he made a placement choice that surprised both the human spectators and the computer. It was this move that turned the tide in the 4th round and helped give him the momentum to get his only win against the super program.


Large Lego Castle Looks Like Horde Capital from WoW

Get a sight of this beautiful LEGO castle from burlogh. It definitely looks like the capital of the Horde from World of Warcraft, with its spikes, chains, and intimidating walls. This place just emits an anti-alliance vibe. The walls were indeed inspired by the Gates of Orgrimmer from WoW, but the rest of the Lego piece was developed independently.

The features inside are also awe-worthy. It has everything an Orc and Goblin fortress needs. This includes more giant spikes, cages, and heavy duty weapons.


Worm Up! Board Game

Here is a fun, classic from 1994. “Worms Up!” was the creation of Alex Randolph and Gabriela Silveira. How do you play it? You will need at least 3 people, and at most, 5. Each game averages to about 15 minutes in length. People have a worm they control and a disk.

During a game, each player controls the movement of their worm. Every player has a disk, which they use to write down how many tiles they want their worm to move. No one sees each other’s discs until they are all revealed simultaneously. If two or more players selected the same amount of tiles to move, they all lose their turn. Other players are free to move their worms.

Gears of War DirectX 12 Reactions

The launch of Gears of War 4 was expected to be a watershed moment for Microsoft and their push to PC platforms. The remake of the original Gears of War for Windows 10, if consumer reaction is to go by, has fallen flat on that front. Many gaming outlets and players have cited numerous technical issues plaguing the Ultimate Edition release.

These issues mostly point out to frame rates and video problems. The immediate response from both developers and manufacturers was for players to tweak their settings. Those with Radeon graphics had to turn off some key graphic settings, virtually preventing them from enjoying the game in the most optimized manner. Other players have also reported general performance issues, with some even having to turn down the texture quality.

Microsoft has their work cut out for them in recovering and learning from this launch for future releases.