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Street Fighter V Strategy from Prima Games

The latest Street Fighter game is here and it is making waves across the fighting game community. The competition from online is already heating up and players are looking to spruce up their game. The Prima Games eGuide is meant to introduce newcomers to the fighting mechanics of the game while also helping veterans refine or improve their skills.

We also heard about the problems with rage-quitters online. Hopefully this strategy guide can teach players a thing or two about losing with class and dignity (in Dudley’s voice).



Minions Operation Game

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s remember that Operation game? Well now there is a Minions version! The minions from Despicable Me also made me laugh, so tickling their funnies during surgery is bound to be hilarious. Check this video out:

For those with questions, Operation is a board game developed in 1964 and became very popular with children. Players will have to test their hand-eye coordination by skillfully removing pieces referred to as ailments out of the patient’s body. The patient had a red nose that would buzz and light up if players aren’t too careful removing the ailments.

The patient’s light would go off if the pieces touch the sides while being removed. The game is still being manufactured today by Hasbro.

Chess Strategy for Beginners

Mastering chess takes a lot of training, experience, and dedication to learning. The reason why grandmasters are grandmasters is that they incorporate chess into their daily schedules. The same goes for any game or sport, the more practice equals the better skill.

Your first line of instinct is to learn the moves. Each chess piece has a distinct pattern of movement. A pawn can only move straight ahead, but can attack at an angle. A knight moves in an L-shaped pattern, making it one of the most strategic pieces. The queen is the dominant force in the game, able to move anywhere and attacking from every position.

Whether you open with a pawn or throw a knight out in front, understand your pieces as you figure out your opponent. Your path to victory starts with being knowledgeable about the game as well as being decisive at the right moments.


Board Games for People Who Don’t Play Board Games

For most folks, the only board games that come to mind are Monopoly or Risk. It is easy to see shy, it is hard to get into board games, despite their increasing popularity. The folks at Tech Times had the pleasure of hand-picking four games that anyone can enjoy – board game enthusiast or not.

Kings of Tokyo, Love Letter, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Gloom. Here are four board games that even those who don’t normally play board games will get a kick out of.

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The Next Platforms for World of Tanks

The 2010 launch of World of Tanks (WoT) spawned a phenomenon in terms of competitive gaming. Along with MOBA games such as League of Legends, WoT has become another venue for gamers to display their competitive talents and match them against peers around the world.

Over 120 million users on the PC now frequent the battlefields of WoT. Along with its sister games, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, and World of Tanks Blitz, have generated more than 145 million player registrations. It is particularly popular because it offers a rare free-to-play world for users to engage in.

The development company, Wargaming, is now expanding the franchise’s reach on new platforms. WoT will be launched on the Playstation 4 this week. Last month, the franchise landed on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Windows mobile devices.


Rocky Terrain by TerraGenesis

A rocky, gritty terrain makes for a visually engaging battlefield. TerraGenesis introduces some techniques to add some height to your terrain and carve it without using a wire cutter or safety net.

There are many terrains which can fit in a rocky mountain or row of cliffs. Take a break from flat, towns and try something more dynamic. You can create a rocky jungle trail with caves, arches, pillars, waterfalls, bridges, and more.

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